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Glue Guns

Lightweight robust glue guns that are suitable for all day intermittent use.
Available in standard temp or low temp versions.

12mm Standard gun - Easy trigger action gun ideal where small quantities of glue are required. Suitable for packaging, product assembly and general use. Uses 12mm x 300mm adhesive.

12mm Industrial gun - Ideal for continuous industrial use for product assembly and packaging. Will give instant and consistent bonding even in the busiest production environments. Uses 12mm x 300mm adhesive.

12mm High output gun - Suitable for volume applications when a high adhesive output is required. Convertible to dispense low melt glue. Uses 43mm x 43mm adhesive.

12mm Heavy duty cordless gun - Portable versatile gun with a high output makes this an ideal gun for industrial use or on building sites etc. Uses 12mm x 300mm adhesive.

P/150 – Perfect for hobby-craft use. Professional reliable perform- ance. Lightweight gun that can also dispense the glitter & coloured sticks. Comes supplied with 4 clear sticks.
P/312 – A light duty professional hotmelt gun. Offers unrivalled reli- ability and ease of use. Self regulating heater controls the temperature and is designed for years of trouble free service. Dispenses 12mm sticks up to 750 grams per hour
P/712 – Has been designed with reliability and performance in mind. It has a highly efficient melt chamber with a 300W stainless steel heater. Dispenses 12mm sticks with output of 2 kilos per hour.
P/812 – The trigger on this gun is effortless and very controllable. Comes with built in hanging bracket and comes in low melt version as well. Dispenses 12mm sticks with output of 1.6kg per hour.
P/300G – Lightweight cordless gun powered by standard cigarette lighter refills. One 10 second refill gives up to 1 hour operation. Dispenses 12mm sticks at up to 1.2kg per hour.
P/543 – Is unrivalled in performance, reliability and adhesive output for a gun of this type. Has automatic stand-by and temperature control with high efficiency heater. Dispenses 43mm slugs at 3.5kg per hour.
P/610 – For high output and minimum operator fatigue the pneu- matic operation of this powerful machine is efficient and unrivalled. Dispenses 43mm slugs at up to 4.1kg per hour.
P/630 – This unique pneumatic spray tool releases the full potential of hot melt usage in industry. Solvent free application on areas of up to 1 sq m with variable spray patterns. 43mm slugs are dispensed at a rate of 4.2kg per hour.


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