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Shockwatch Labels

ShockWatch impact indicators for packaging deter mishandling and reduce damage related costs by indicating when fragile products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transportation.

Impact Indicators

A ShockWatch impact indicator is a highly-visible device that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level. Mounted on a packaging container, the device visually alerts everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required.

Impact indicators can also be mounted inside of packaging or directly on the product it is monitoring.


Tilt Indicators

ShockWatch tilt indicators detect and record unacceptable tilting on goods that must remain upright. When these indicators are used, the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling.

TiltWatch® XTR

Turns red if the package it is affixed to is tilted past 80° or is completely up-ended. However, it remains unaffected by movement due to normal handling conditions.

ShockWatch® ShockLog® Impact & Environmental Recorders continually monitor and report in real-time the shock, vibration and environmental conditions experienced by structures, facilities or equipment during transit, storage and operation. ShockLog impact recorders register the direction, amplitude, and duration of impact force.

Optional sensors record changes in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, tilt and roll. A GPS/ GPRS tracking module is available

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