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Polythene Sheeting

Centre and multi folded polythene rolls

Available in varying thicknesses, from general purpose use to full damp proof membrane for the building trade.

• Clear Polythene 2M c/f 1M x 63mu
• Clear Polythene 2M c/f 1M x 125mu
• Clear Polythene 2M c/f 1M x 200mu
• Clear Polythene 4M m/f 1M x 63mu
• Clear Polythene 4M m/f 1M x 125mu
• Clear Polythene 4M c/f 2M x 300mu
• Blue Polythene 4M c/f 2M x 300mu
• Black Polythene 4M m/f 1M x 65mu

Clear polythene sheeting is a versatile product used to protect items of all shapes and sizes from dust, dirt and scrapes whilst in storage or transit, or against damage during renovation and redecoration.


Centre Fold Rolls

Ideal for large and awkward size products

• 1500mm / 750mm x 125mu
• 2000mm / 1000mm x 125mu
• 2300mm / 1150mm x 125mu
• 3000mm / 1500mm x 125mu
• 4000mm / 2000mm x 150mu
• 4000mm / 2000mm x 200mu


Gusset Shrink Tubing

When you have varying heights of pallet it can be cut to exact height to cut down on costs and waste

• 1200mm opening up to 2300mm x 125mu
• 1346mm opening up to 2514mm x 125mu


Pallet Covers

Ready made covers provide a quick and cost effective solution

• 1200 x 800 1200mm x 125mu
• 1200mm x 1000 x 1200mm x125mu
• 1200 x 1200 x 1200mm x 125mu

We can also manufacture any shrink film to your exact details


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